Daniel Bolojan is a Vienna based computational designer, researcher, and architect. He received his diploma from the University of Applied Arts, Studio Zaha Hadid, where he was also a Research Assistant, teaching Processing, Mel scripting, and Grasshopper.

In 2013, he founded his research studio Nonstandardstudio, which focuses on generative strategies (e.g. growth processes, multi-agent systems, etc.), targeting the creation of highly complex autopoietic systems that offer new opportunities for the architectural organization, articulation, and signification.

Since 2014 he is a Junior Associate with Coop Himmelbau where he has been practicing on numerous international projects and competitions. He is leading the office push to develop custom computational tools, computational design strategies, virtual reality/augmented reality applications, and robotic fabrication processes.

He is currently a Ph.D. Research Fellow at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, under the supervision of Patrik Schumacher, and also an External Lecturer at Innsbruck University.


deep learning, creative ai, generative algorithms, genetic algorithms, parametric design, advanced computational design, architecture



email: danielbolojan@nonstandardstudio.com